September 15, 2003

Funk Stuff

I totally forgot about the case of Stephen Funk till I got this email forward (paraphrased for brevity and because I don't necessarily agree with, nor know enough about the upcoming protest organized by queer activists):

Hey all, here's a call out for books and letters to Stephen Funk, the gay asian boy convicted for going AWOL. He's being sent to a prison known to treat gays and deserters harshly.


I think I will send the writings of another conscientious objector to him when possible.

Stephen Funk would appreciate letters from supporters at the following address:

Stephen Funk
Building 1041
PSC 20140
Camp Lejune, NC 28542

Funk's supporters have established a scholarship fund to support his college education after his release and will be planning a homecoming celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area upon his return.

Let's hope he gets out safe and sound and able to use any scholarship funds raised.

Posted by ronn at September 15, 2003 06:27 PM