July 22, 2003

Green Tea & Brown Sugar Redux

noodle magazine finally has the intriguing article Green Tea & Brown Sugar online:

On an uncharacteristically sunny November day in San Francisco, I had Sunday brunch with a happy gay couple, Danny and Scott, and chuckled over the story of how they became an item. It was a random encounter. In April, 1995, they both happened to be at the corner of Polk and California, where the famous cable cars turn around, and spotted each other. As Danny strolled past Scott, he remembered a tip from a how-to book, The Official Gay Manual—after the initial glance, count from one to three and look back. Scott’s eyes met Danny’s, which according to the book, signaled attraction. After chatting for about an hour on the street, the two exchanged numbers, and the rest led up to the two sharing a meal with me at Delancey Street restaurant, eight years later. +++

I talked to the writer and mentioned the article in April.

Posted by ronn at July 22, 2003 01:18 PM

Wow - thanks for the thought-provoking article, Ronn! Posted by: karsh on July 22, 2003 03:05 PM
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