July 15, 2003

MacWorld: Leaving New York

[ from Rob McNair-Huff's Mac Net Journal comes this somewhat sad note from Wired.com ] :

Macworld's Last Tango in New York

Without a "oh, and one more thing" product introduction from CEO Steve Jobs or festivities like last year's Soho Apple store opening, it's safe to assume that this week's show -- the last Macworld scheduled to be held in New York City -- will be a low-key event.

A pretty small presence and a lack of hardware announcements isn't the right way to leave New York. I'm especially upset because I won't attend this year and thus, will never attend a New York MacWorld.

This would be a great idea to implement for the future:

"The best move for them would be to drop the 'Macworld' and make it a show for all digital artists, no matter what operating system they use," suggested Marty Cunnings, a Manhattan-based graphic artist.

Don't expect it to happen, unfortunately.

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