July 07, 2003

More Hate at Morehouse

Anti-gay incident at Morehouse leads to arrests

Two Morehouse College students were arrested June 23 following an alleged anti-gay incident in front of the school’s cafeteria.

Justin Dolly, 20, and Juan Smith, 22, were both charged with disorderly conduct, according to campus police reports. Smith, who is gay, was also charged with making terroristic threats.

The incident comes on the heels of Georgia’s first hate crimes trial, in which former Morehouse student Aaron Price was accused of beating a classmate he perceived to be gay with a baseball bat.

Price was convicted of aggravated assault and aggravated battery June 11, but a Fulton County Superior Court jury ruled the attack was not motivated by anti-gay bias.

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“As [Smith and his friend] passed by them, the boys began to jeer and jester towards them, stating things like, ‘Oh my God, that dude’s gay!’ and ‘faggot’ and ‘fruit ass nigger,’” Morehouse Lt. Dovetta Davidson wrote in the report. “[Smith] became very angry and upset as he walked over to [where] the group of young men were standing, stating, ‘What the fuck did you say?’”

In an interview, Dolly acknowledged laughing as his friends mocked Smith, but said Smith responded by pulling a gun from the bag he was carrying and threatening Dolly with it.

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