June 23, 2003

Jaguar to Die, Long Live Panther

Here are a few updates from the Web describing details from Apple's WWDC in San Fran:


Steve Jobs: Jaguar is over. Today we're going to preview Panther, Mac OS version 10.3. It's the fourth major release of OS X. Over 100 new features.

iDisk becomes a local folder that's synchronized automatically, and it's especially helpful with multiple computers which can be synchronized through ".Mac."

Expose is a new feature that helps manage windows when you're running many applications and opening many documents - it can shrink all the windows to thumbnail images. You can assign keyboard shortcuts, screen corners or a mouse button as a trigger.

The new finder is 'user-centric', no longer 'computer-centric.' Panther features brushed metal finder windows.

Safari 1.0 released

Fixes many bugs, faster, incorporates PDFs faster and better than other Mac-platform browsers.

A free download will be available later this afternoon.

Mail Updated

Faster, addresses become objects (whatever the hell that means), threading, and Safari enabled HTML integration.

iChat Updated

Now allows multiple formats (text, audio and video). Zero setup or configuration, everything is automated and shows you what your buddy is allowing (ie. text, audio, and/or video).

Nothing yet about the G5. I'm hoping by the time I get back to Brooklyn, rumors about hardware upgrades won't be just rumors.

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