June 02, 2003

Great Google-Munga, New Search Engine

[ from Spy Mac front page, Top Story ] :

New Search Engine Challenges Google's Reign

[ ... ] Turbo10.com aims to search parts of the Internet that are not detected by traditional search engines.

[From] Turbo10's web site: "Traditional crawler-based search engines ... only search static web pages - the 'Surface Web'. But the Surface Web represents only a small percentage of the available information on the Internet. A plethora of high quality information is found in dynamic pages that are inaccessible to crawler-based search engines."

[ ... ] Turbo10's Megan Hamilton told Spymac that Turbo10.com has no plans to ignore visitors who Think Different.

"We are keen to meet the needs of the Mac community. Any feedback during this phase from (Mac users) would be much appreciated," Hamilton said.

"We have done initial bug testing using Macintosh and we plan to debug for Safari soon."

Posted by ronn at June 2, 2003 10:01 AM