May 20, 2003

No Title Fits

I've been watching with a bit of curiosity the exchange reported by Silver Rights regarding a white teacher's racist behavior in Seattle. I'm saddened by anyone's worship of such idiotic racism. Saddened, but not surprised. It's a dirty little secret of the homosexual male community that they can be just as racist (if not more so given the fight for Gay rights) as their heterosexualist brethren -- and from my experience, I rarely see it amongst lesbians (or trans folk).

I'll quote a student from the Seattle school:

[ ... ] Smith added that a role model shouldn't use that language to prove a point. "He's an adult, and adults have more sense than kids do," he said.

As if. Just as Big Mama advises, "Common sense ain't common!" There can be no comparison between "gay" as a mild put down and the use of "nigger" in any instance. The former is barely a slight and is almost never used to demean and/or intimidate. The latter is used to put Blacks in their place. This imbecile's second usage is most definitely a classic example. Even if he wanted to point out the improper usage, he should have done so without calling the student a nigger, and the thought of using it in front of the class was brainless.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Seattle NAACP by Eric Dawson, the father of another student in the class.

Dawson said that on the day of the incident, his son stood up and told Emanuels, "You can't talk to him like that," and the two began a verbal exchange until a teacher separated the two.

The fact that blows/shoving almost came to past is enough reason for me to demand that the bigot be put out on his ass.

If the school comes correct, they'll terminate their relationship with this so-called teacher. But don't expect it to happen without out-loud voices from the NAACP, Black parents, students and other concerned people.

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