May 19, 2003

A Pre-Introduction

I've decided to add a new sub- category: BlakMac News.

It won't be news for Black users of Macintosh computers and/or software. I just like the name and it's because I am Black that I chose that particular title.

I'll post regular updates on Mac/Apple news; software and hardware updates, and announcements; and, just general rants about my preferred (and a superior) operating system.

For now, check out these free gems from the Mac DevCenter. An excerpt:

Owning a computer isn't cheap. There's so much to pay for, on top of the box that does all the work: printer consumables, connectivity, hardware upgrades, maintenance.

Oh, and software. People can often end up spending more on software than they spent on the computer itself.

Here at the Mac DevCenter, we like to think we can offer a helping hand every now and then, so it occurred to us that it would be nice to tell you about some of the lesser-known freeware gems available for Mac OS X. We're talking about neat little apps that you might not have heard of, but that can do the job of something much better-known (and much more expensive) without you having to pay a penny for them.

We've only got the space to show you a handful of these gems. No doubt, you'll be able to point us to many more (please do, in the Talkbacks area at the end of this article). First, let's establish some rules.

The Rules

When we say freeware, we mean freeware. We won't be including any apps that require any payment, or pretend to be freeware while nagging you with lingering splash screens and limited features.

We're also not going to be including really obvious freeware.

Much more at the link, culled from the Mac Network Journal, one of the most viable, personal Apple computing sites online.

Update: I forget to mention some time ago that I've added a tag board for the "Conversations" category. BlakMac News will fall under this category.

Posted by ronn at May 19, 2003 01:26 PM

*blink!* Posted by: Donald on May 21, 2003 02:12 AM
It's a start. Wait for it to really get going. Posted by: ronn on May 21, 2003 10:13 AM
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