April 24, 2003

We Are Family

Donald discusses family with

In Search Of: Black Gay Diaspora

I know even less about Black gay people in Africa, or anywhere else we are in the world. And I'm so tired of running into Afrikaaner blogs! You would think that Black people in Africa (doesn't that sound redundant?) don't blog! (I'm sure there's a deeper Digital Divide-related conversation here.) So that's what I'm in search of, global connections for a more global perspective of Black gay identity and culture.

A lively topic and interesting comments (including a Kenyan's perspectives).

Posted by ronn at April 24, 2003 12:47 PM

hi ron. followed your steps from don's space. nice place. what pleases my heart is beautiful, black men such as yourself, donald, and others claiming their voices. their spaces. real encouraging. i know my friends back home would like that. thank you. peace and blessings. Posted by: bujibuji on April 28, 2003 07:50 PM
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