April 08, 2003

& All the Best

I have been delaying the posting of this for far too long.

From actor Parry Shen:

Dear Friends,

In our lifetime, it is rare that we bear witness to an event, much less be a part one, that might change society. When the film "Better Luck Tomorrow" opens on April 4, 2003; it will be one of those events. On that day,"BLT" will be released in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And open the following week, April 11, in: Washington D.C., Boston, Houston, Honolulu, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis.

The release will set a benchmark for a number of "firsts"

1) It is the first Asian American film ever to be picked up at the Sundance Film Festival.

2) It is the first film ever purchased and distributed by MTV Films.

3) It is the first all Asian-American cast to be widely distributed by a studio in a long time.

It is because of all these "firsts" that I am drafting this memo, to shed light on just how essential it is that our community support this film. The first 3 weeks' attendance will determine whether or not we'll be setting a benchmark record for "firsts--and lasts."

I know it sounds extremely self-serving that an actor in the film have the audacity to draft such a plea to see his film. But it is because I have been so close to the film through production and have personally seen people from all ethnicities react so positively to it; that I truly believe this event is exactly what we as a community have been yearning to get behind for years. Whether you are Asian or not. To send a message to the world. It is not "just" a movie. What hinges on the release is so much larger than the film itself.

There was much more to his note, but it'll keep it to that. I may see within the first three weeks. Saturday Movie Day any of you New Yorkers?! Anybody?

Posted by ronn at April 8, 2003 05:02 PM