April 03, 2003

Give Peace (Music) A Chance

[ From Lynne D. Johnson, Brooklynite, Critic and Online Editor of Vibe Magazine ] :

AlterNet: Support Our Tunes!

There are many ... musicians who have spoken out against the war, and they also deserve our support. At least 70 groups spanning the musical spectrum are on the roster of Musicians United to Win Without War, an organization that coalesced in just a few weeks around a shared belief that war is "wrong, absurd and dangerous to all of our futures." Visit the Musicians United website to see who else is on their statement of conscience, and then support these artists by listening to their music, seeing them in concert, purchasing their albums, and spreading the word.

Lynne mentions hardcore's "idea that would bring all bloggers together in the name of peace. Next Friday, he and I, along with any of you other bloggers that want to be down, will put up a poem on our blog that is dedicated to peace, or about peace, however you want to look at it. But peace is the theme. I really hope that many of you join us."

I'm mos def down.

Are you?

Posted by ronn at April 3, 2003 01:37 PM