April 03, 2003


Rachel James announces the April issue of 2 8 M M.

There's a little bit of every thing for everyone.

:: View from above - Jeremy Clouser
:: Look up! - Kylie Gusset
:: Emily, Leah, Carrie, Bizzy, Tess, and JD - Jordanna Kalman
:: Movement - Danielle Jansen
:: Haymarket - Sara Lovering
:: Urban Sounds - Sirio Magnabosco
:: Opposition - Phillip Massey
:: Mailboxes of Prosperity - Brock Meeks
:: The Free Project - Paul McAleer
:: Late Afternoon Ski - Mark Nakamura
:: Moments of Wandering in Brooklyn - Chris Saganich
:: Roads Without Cars - Brian Utley
:: Creative Violence: Before and After - Robert-Jan Zuur

April's cover photo is also by Robert-Jan Zuur.

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