March 04, 2003

Where Brooklyn At!

Rachel has a new issue of 28MM up. I like Caught, by Aaron Wolfe

Wolfe's details:

These come from my current favorite subject, people on the streets of Brooklyn. (One here is from Manhattan.) I work candidly, shooting from the hip, sometimes hiding the camera in an over-mitten with a hole cut for the lens.

There's mention of —

A Day in the Life teams up with Positive Focus to host A Day in the Life: Brooklyn. Approximately 100 photographers will be selected and assigned to locations throughout Brooklyn's diverse communities, all to take photos on a single day, April 26, 2003.

Some time ago after Donald redesigned my site, I planned to introduce a photo subsection. Planet Brooklyn never got off the ground. Trying to decide whether or not I'll participate, esp. with the deadline right around the corner. There's no mention of skill levels accepted though. I take photographs as a hobby (and it doesn't help that my digicam is on the fritz).

Posted by ronn at March 4, 2003 03:53 PM

Do it!!!!! Those links are looking lonely in that top right corner! *grin!* Plus you can feature other people's photography, too. If you want to ... Posted by: Donald on March 4, 2003 04:15 PM
I just may. But first, I'll need some help *hint* *hint* creating a category for Planet Brooklyn and another focusing on Macintosh computing. Posted by: ronn on March 4, 2003 05:12 PM