January 20, 2003

Get Out The Way

Breslin is dead on again:

Newsday.com: Powell: Act Or Resign

"Fame if you win it,
/"It comes and goes in a minute."

That was written by Jule Styne, who was right off the streets and bet the entire card every day they put one up.

And Colin Powell, whose family made the first move from the South Bronx to Queens when they hit the number, should know that Styne classic: "Make Someone Happy," by heart.

The person he should make happy is himself. For he is going to be a man with ruined insides if he lives in the illusion of importance while Bush and those around him scheme and slander and rip away the chance of blacks ever living like whites.

Only Colin Powell doesn't seem in a frenzy to storm into Iraq and bomb and kill and steal the oil wells. He also is the only one in the building who has heard a gun go off. But after this speech at the Republican convention, any illusion that he had put stripes of decency on so many arms dissolves with Bush attacking affirmative action to his face. After this, how can Bush care what Powell says about war in Iraq? Bush just acted like he was underage when he snarled, "I'm sick and tired" of Saddam.

Powell's record could show that he was present and helpless when affirmative action for blacks was brazenly attacked by the government. Which then went into a war he was against.

I don't have anything to add to Bush II's racist move. I'll just quote my recent computer student: "This is bullshit!"

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Posted by ronn at January 20, 2003 05:41 PM

So you're saying this update DOES make my ass look big! *bursts into tears, totters out of room like hell on (w)heels* Posted by: George on January 20, 2003 08:32 PM
George: I can't make judgements unless I inspect... er, nevermind. Posted by: ronn on January 21, 2003 07:36 AM