January 18, 2003

Still Obsessed

I haven't forgotten about the Central Park 5 case. Yes, the convictions have been overturned. But the NYPD is set to release their own report on the case. Anyone that believes it'll be a fair, impartial examination of the truth should see me about buying the largest bridge in my hometown.

One of the architects behind the frameup of the Central Park 5 is Linda Fairstein. I hope to question her about her involvement in that mess as well as her behind-the-scenes scheming to keep them in jail. She'll have a book signing and discussion at Barnes & Noble Tuesday, January 21st:

Upper West Side at 7:30pm
2289 Broadway at 82nd Street

If you have better things to do with your life, check out —

Walter Mosley reading, discussing & signing
Six Easy Pieces: Easy Rawlings Stories
Barnes & Noble, Union Square at 7:00pm
33 East 17th Street at Broadway

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Tracked on January 22, 2003 04:32 PM

Ronn, I hope to read your report on the Fairstein discussion (if you were able to attend). I'm sure there probably were many in attendance challenging her position on the matter. Posted by: Ray on January 19, 2003 04:13 PM
Ray: I should have specified that the event is this coming Tuesday night. I'm definitely going and I will be polite and courteous. I'm not holding back if things get out of hand however. Posted by: ronn on January 19, 2003 06:36 PM