January 14, 2003

Be Prepared for Something Different

From Frontline 's Newsletter (because they have such a crappy website {OK, I'm officially an old man and/or contrarian when it comes to wasteful expenditures of my tax dollars} with no info. on the upcoming broadcast) —

As international tensions escalate over North Korea's resumption of a nuclear weapons program, FRONTLINE/World crosses the DMZ to get a rare glimpse of life inside North Korea, one of the world's most forbidding, least understood countries.

On Thursday, Jan. 16, at 9 P.M. on PBS (check local listings), we present "Suspicious Minds," the story of two BBC journalists who manage to enter North Korea as tourists, quietly recording their experiences on a small, inconspicuous camera.

Not sure if excerpts from the upcoming broadcast have been airing on ABC's Nightline (or is it UpClose?). Powerful stuff nonetheless.

Update at 04:30

[Here's the documentary excerpts I mentioned above.]

From tonight's Nightline broadcast—

Hidden Lives: Children Escaping North Korea

The North Korean regime is willing to build up its military at the expense of its own people. Some two million North Koreans are estimated to have starved to death over the last decade. Those numbers have included men, women and children.

Korean American filmmaker Kim Jung-Eun has taken great risk to document the day-to-day struggles of several of the untold number of Koreans who flee this fate and escape into China. Many of those who make the treacherous journey out of North Korea are children. Some leave their families behind, often separated forever. The perilous escape is often matched by the horrors of living in the shadows of Chinese society, surviving in any way possible.

At an age when most children are playing and studying, the boys and girls you will meet tonight are simply trying to survive. Kim Jung-Eun first introduced us to these young people last year as part of our series "Hidden Lives." Since that first broadcast, we have received many emails and phone calls from viewers who want to help these children and find out more about their fate. Tonight we will bring you an update — and a window into a rarely reported story.

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