January 09, 2003

Left Coast Preview of 'Brother Outsider'

I already mentioned the preview of "Brother Outsider" at the Audre Lorde Project next week here in NYC.

James mentioned a West Coast viewing in the comments section:

Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003
Time: 6-9 pm
Place: The Rainbow Room of the Charles Holmes Campus of the LGBT Community Center (1800 Market Street at Octavia) in San Francisco, CA

In honor of Black History Month in February, the Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA) and GLAAD are co-sponsoring a preview screening of P.O.V.'s documentary Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin.

The event will include a special preview screening of the documentary followed by a panel discussion. The event is free open to the public.

In addition:

The BCA, GLAAD and a coalition of black LGBT organizations around the country are working together on the 2003 edition of the Black History Month Media Resource kit to encourage journalists to include black LGBT people in their coverage of Black History Month. Check GLAAD’s Web site for updates on the kit.

Contact Loren Javier at (415) 561-0638 or javier@glaad.org for more information.

If anyone is planning to attend Wednesday's preview here in NYC, let me know.

Posted by ronn at January 9, 2003 04:49 PM