December 19, 2002

An Early Xmas for the Central Park 5?

A Manhattan judge plans to issue his decision Thursday on whether to throw out the convictions against the five young men in the Central Park jogger case. State Supreme Court Justice Charles Tejada has called the defense attorneys and prosecutors to his courtroom at 10:30 a.m. for his written ruling, according to court spokesman David Bookstaver. The judge is expected to vacate the convictions against the five men in one of the most notorious cases in New York history: the near-fatal rape and assault on an investment banker on April 19, 1989, as well as for their assaults on other people in the park and rioting that night.

Should the convictions be vacated later this morning, it would be the just and right thing to do — for once in this case!

I will definitely be writing about the hearing and reactions to it.

Posted by ronn at December 19, 2002 04:23 AM