December 05, 2002

Northern Eyes Look at the Central Park 5 Case

Aaron returns with the biting wit and a new domain. He also sets his site on today's court proceedings [via the Globe & Mail] :

Nothing in that story about problems between communities. We're a color-blind society, you know.

Just a statement from one of the defense attorneys -- the ones who made "no serious challenge" to the prosecution before Reyes stepped forward -- that, "Their only crime was being black and Latino teenagers in Central Park."

Defense attorneys, like Canandians and people of color, have no idea what they're talking about, obviously.

UPDATE: Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau has recommended that all of the convictions against Anton McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam, and Kharey Wise — not just for the rape of Patricia Meili, but the 7 assault and robbery victims throughout that infamous night — be vacated. It remains to be seen if Judge Charles Tejada will immediately set aside the wrongful, racially-motivated convictions or wait until his self-imposed target date of February 6, 2002.

Tim Sullivan, the VP of programming at Court-TV and author of the authoriative book of the two trials of the Central Park 5, Unequal Verdicts: The Central
Park Jogger Trials
, hopes to have the papers filed by Morgenthau later today.

I expect white media to be foaming at the mouth by now and can't wait to read what the New York Joke will write tomorrow.

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