November 23, 2002

And the hate goes on

The DA upped the ante in the homophobic beating at the House:

DA alleges hate crime in Morehouse bat attack

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard will prosecute as a hate crime the baseball bat beating of a Morehouse College junior by another student.

Mike continues to offer several first-hand accounts of the developing mess at Morehouse College.

I also found this from the Red And the Black, the "independent" newspaper of the college:

Assault ups fears for homosexuals

"It saddens me to know that in 2002 we have to work with students who have behaved the way that student is alleged to have behaved," [University Dean of Students Rodney] Bennett said.

Funny how everyone is adding in "alleged" when talking about Price's assault, yet no one bothers to include that word when there's talk about the victim looking, staring, checking out the punk in the shower stall.

Could make something out of it, but I won't.

I want to offer words on the beating death of Gwen Araujo. Instead, I'll point interested parties to GLAAD's media resource section of media clippings surrounding the teens murder in Newark, CA.

Posted by ronn at November 23, 2002 06:34 PM