November 20, 2002

Arroyo's Folly

[ From an old email {thanks Earthlink! Grrrr...} sent by Ray ] :

Jogger case cop: They're all guilty

Arroyo dismissed accusations that police coerced the incriminating statements, saying detectives working in separate groups while questioning more than 40 suspects could never have pulled off such a conspiracy.

"All the different detectives asking questions - that's how this case came together," he said. "To allege that the confessions were coerced is just ridiculous."

"These kids did what they said they did," Arroyo told The News. "The test only goes to prove that we have finally identified one other person."

Still, Arroyo, 46, said he believes the new evidence linking prison inmate Matias Reyes to the crime gives Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau reason to support vacating the verdicts. Reyes says he acted alone.

"If he does vacate, it's probably the right thing to do in terms of the new evidence," Arroyo said. "It's too hot a political potato for him not to do that."

The Daily Snooze gets the award for redundancy. They've been rehashing lies and half-truths for weeks now. They must be competing with the Post for most racist, irrational tabloid in the city.

When will any of the dailies mention Arroyo's disgrace within the NYPD? He resigned after barely escaping an indictment for stealing cocaine from a deceased drug dealer. Funny how that's never mentioned about the former "head detective" on the jogger case.

More to come.

Posted by ronn at November 20, 2002 03:04 PM

The village Voice has an excellent article about the CP case that puts thing in perspective. Excerpt:
Every now and again, we get a look, usually no more than a glimpse, at how the justice system really works. What we see—before the sanitizing curtain is drawn abruptly down—is a process full of human fallibility and error, sometimes noble, more often unfair, rarely evil but frequently unequal, and through it all inevitably influenced by issues of race and class and economic status. In short, it's a lot like other big, unwieldy institutions. Such a moment of clear sight emerges from the mess we know as the case of the Central Park jogger.
Posted by: Ray on November 21, 2002 12:12 PM
Thanks for the constant links Ray. At this point, I should just make you a guess editor for the "Central Park 5" section. Dialup frustrates me, so I usually surf a fraction of the sites I would normally read when I had dialup. Thanks again. Posted by: ronn on November 21, 2002 12:36 PM