October 29, 2002

In Praise of Heartless Bastards

[ From Jason (because I don't have enough stress and anger in my life) ] :

Ann Coulter proves once again she's a clueless a—hole:

[I]t was only a matter of time before the criminal defense lobby would turn to the 1989 wilding attack in Central Park. The current baby seals of the "exoneration" racket are the feral beasts who raped, brutalized and nearly murdered a female jogger.

Strictly adhering to formula, the defense bar has produced a shocking confession from a criminal who -- coincidentally -- can no longer be prosecuted for the attack. Matias Reyes now claims he alone raped the jogger.

Amazingly, this barbaric crime is a good target for a baseless "exoneration." The savages have served their time, the victim remembers nothing, and no one cares as much as the anti-death penalty fanatics. In fact, the Manhattan district attorney himself adamantly opposes the death penalty. With little cost, he can look bold and honest by overturning the jury verdicts.

It's not worth my time (not to mention my sanity) to deal with her obvious lies and distortions of facts. I'll trounce each of her points Tuesday night soon eventually.

Posted by ronn at October 29, 2002 12:25 PM