October 28, 2002

With All Due Respect

Bob Slade mentioned The Central Park Jogger 5 Information Page on KISS-FM's "Week in Review" program last night. I haven't had adequate time to read extensively, but if Slade, James Mtume, Bob Pickett, and Peter Noel endorsed it, they must be progressive and informative.

I just wish they'd drop the "jogger" part of the name as it's all about getting justice for the 5 young men framed.

12:47 PM - When first posted, the "information page" contained just one page with a link to a downloadable pdf file for a petition. Here's hoping that much more will be added in a timely fashion.

Posted by ronn at October 28, 2002 12:32 PM

Dear Mr. Slade: I was exceedingly delighted to hear from your program and for the first time heard Robinson, Yussef, Lopez and Raymond on Kiss FM. You may not know, I was the Juvenile Counselor who was assigned to take care of the boys when they arrived at Spofford. Many residents at Spofford on that bright sunny day were despirately awaiting for their arrival with one intention " to beat them down". My supervisor at the time felt that I was the only person who would best fit to handle the situation as I had sucessfully performed/difused similar threats in the past at different times. I listen to you guys everyday on Kiss wake up call. In case of an emergency and or you need more information on the subject feel free to contact me on the e-mail address provided or (718) 853-9622. Robinson, spent a good while with me on the dormitory and I can tell you that I felt good that he responded very well to the instruction and conducted himself accordingly. Yussef on the other hand was assigned first to the infirmary and later transfered to E-6 dormitory. Yussef impressed me the most. As tall and slim as he was, he was the most quiet. I often times wondered if nothing else doubt his involvement in criminal activities. Listen, I can write volume on these children and or my experiences as a juvenile counselor. Lopez was assigned to B-3 and Raymod stayed on A-3 needless to say that Lopez would not defend himself when confronted with aggression. However, these boys quickly adjusted and did whatever they needed to do prior to their sentencing. I would appreciate your response. Posted by: Kayode Olaiya on March 11, 2004 01:25 PM
Kayode Olaiya: I hope your voice is out there, tellng the truth behind this travesty of justice. The CP5 should be compensated and the parties responsible for this miscarriage shoul be punished. Now, I doubt that anyone will ever face punishment, let alone be reprimanded in criminal court. But our voices need to be strong and loud and persistent. I would love to interview some time in the future about the case and your job. Peace to you, ronn PS-I will forward your comments to Bob Slade/KISS-FM Posted by: ronn on March 12, 2004 05:05 PM