October 24, 2002

Jimmy Breslin is Mr. Reliable

I posted a link some time ago about Appeals Court Judge Vito Titone's lone dissenting opinion in Yusef Salaam's failed petition to have his conviction thrown out. Thankfully Jimmy Breslin wrote about it recently in his Newsday column so I don't have to track it down:

Herewith is the lone dissenting opinion of Judge Vito Titone of the State Court of Appeals on the appeal of Yusef Salaam, one of five youths convicted of raping and badly beating a young woman who was running through Central Park on the night of April 19, 1989. Titone's opinion, written in 1993, suddenly is of overwhelming significance today and therefore I read and report it to you promptly and thus prominently.

He also wrote a scathing piece about Donald Trump’s racist, inflammatory ads at the time of the media hype:

Trump was seen yesterday on television in McDonald's commercials. Here he is, dead on the screen, with hair of swirled cement and strange color, and with a bad chin. That's up to the director. But his record shows he ran full-page newspaper ads that inflamed a city over race when the jogger was attacked. If McDonald's likes its Trump commercials then send them a message. Stay out.

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