October 23, 2002

Andrea Peyser, Clueless Jackass

Andrea Peyser continues to be a stupid, clueless, racist jackass:

Not So Fast On Clearing Jogger 5

A prosecutor who watched five youths confess to the 1989 rape and beating of the Central Park jogger has one thing to say about the mob that wants to clear them:

"Those confessions were good."

This prosecutor doesn’t have the conjones to go on record with that assertion! If my rep was threatened, I would not hide behind a lame ass columnist’s hit piece to defend my work.

A group of loudmouths, most notably Al Sharpton, is going wilding against our justice system on behalf of five young men convicted in the attack.

Lovely tactic of putting Rev. Al in the picture. Clueless white racists do it every time. Him, or Farrakhan, or David Dinkins. I’m not kidding with that last one either. And notice how she included "wilding." What she lacks in factual documentation she makes up in creativity.

It seems this city is sentenced to repeat the year 1989 — when ultraviolent youths ruled the parks after dark and self-promoting politicians ruled the airwaves by day. And truth was an inconvenience.

Roving "wolf packs" continues to amuse the clueless set despite that fact that it’s an urban myth (at least here in New York City). And truth is an inconvenience?! Dumb ass! Try looking in a got-damn mirror!!!

A familiar crew that now includes the National Organization for Women is getting maximum exposure by advancing the claim that the confessions of the Jogger 5 — given in the presence of parents as the victim languished in a coma — were coerced by racist cops.


Stupid Ass! Does she realize that NOW-NYC was part of the original lynch mob atmosphere that denied justice to the Central Park 5?! She can repeat the line that all five confessed in the presence of their parents all she wants. It’s a lie. The teens were prepped for their "confessions" long before their parents were allowed to sit with them. They were lied to, cajoled and Kharey Wise says in his second taped statement that he was verbally and physically assaulted. Funny how that’s overlooked. Yusef Salaam never confessed. The written statement purported to be his is a joke. It’s not signed and doesn’t make a bit of sense. Det. Sheehan and Lederer and Fairstein came up with that clueless bit after they realized they were caught with their pants down.

Let’s jump ahead towards the end. My lack of coffee will cause me to hurt somebody or something.

Thirteen years ago, the same racist crew wanted to exonerate the Jogger 5 — and bashed the victim — based solely on skin color.

This time around, there is DNA evidence that shows another man, Matias Reyes, raped the jogger. One problem: Reyes' involvement does not prove the others innocent.

"My experience with a gang rape is that some can't get it up," said the prosecutor.

That does not mean they didn't participate.

Again, name names. Peyser doesn’t seem the quiet, cowering type. If she has proof that a racist crew" "bashed the victim," name the damn names. It didn’t happen so she can’t name names. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there was more than one rapist: Matias Reyes. Not a single hair, no DNA, no blood, nothing but those tainted, contradictory "confessions." Even the police never claimed the rape was due to racism as Peyser foolishly alleges. And questioning the manhood of the framed juveniles is, well, juvenile.

The youths' confessions also contained intricate details about several other random assaults carried out in the park the night the jogger was raped. But no one denies the veracity of those confessions.

No one? Yusef Salaam and his family have been denying his involvement from day one. The mugging/bashing victims couldn’t identify any perps when taken to the police precinct. The only connection, again, was the confessions coerced from the teens. Confessions that don’t include Salaam or Steven Lopez who was originally designated the “ringleader” of the rape and never charged for said crime.

The prosecutor theorizes that Reyes dragged off the jogger and raped her after the rest of the pack was through.

Peyser, you’re one clueless hussy! If that were the case, their DNA would be present all over. The fact that semen from Reyes and Meili’s boyfriend was matched proves that the Central Park 5 did not rape her before or after Reyes. Otherwise, some DNA material, at least one hair from one of the teens would have been present. There is no blood evidence to support such an obsurd claim. Only white racist hate would continue to perpetrate that claim.

But that probability is inconvenient to those such as Manhattan Borough President Virginia Fields and Councilman Bill Perkins, who are pushing to vacate the guilty verdicts without investigation.

That's mob rule.

Without investigation? The DA has had this case in review since at least January. There have been two delays granted to Morgenthau. Delays that won’t change the outcome of the review: Reyes was the sole rapist and the Central Park 5 were framed, plain and simple. To continue this myth of an attack prior to or subsequent to Reyes would be White Denial/Hate. I can’t mince words in the face of such stupidity.

Posted by ronn at October 23, 2002 05:18 AM

ANDREA PEYSER is obviously an idiot that has accidently been given the oppertunity to attempt to be a news writer. Who needs a person with a one sided viewpoint that can not read? Can not do research before posting news or show any signs of intelligence? When following a case, she makes assumtions about guilt or innocence and then posts her feelings as if they are factual. If you want news, she doesn't deliver. Go elsewhere. What a total loser! Andrea Peyser is! Here's a fine example. Not a fan of this person, but she obviously can't write for shit. http://www.nypost.com/commentary/41662.htm Posted by: John on March 3, 2005 05:19 PM