October 23, 2002

Playing the Chump Card

[ From Aaron ] :

Trump Draws Criticism for Ad He Ran After Jogger Attack

Carol Taylor, a writer and demonstrator at the recent rallies (and no known relation), was not surprised at Mr. Trump's recent comments. "Of course he won't apologize, because he's a rich white colorist male who is wallowing in the unearned privilege of his white skin color," she said. On Monday, she held a sign that said: "Donald Trump, don't be a chump. For dissing black boys so bad, where's your full-page apology ad?"

A protest is planned near the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Midtown on Sunday. "I'll be there. I think I'll make my sign bigger," Ms. Taylor said.

Mr. Trump shrugged off the planned protest. "I don't mind if they picket. I like pickets."


Posted by ronn at October 23, 2002 03:45 AM

Carol Taylor is Da Bomb! She's been out there for MANY years. I'm a proud owner of The Little Black Book, a survival guide for managing police interaction for Black men. Posted by: Donald on November 17, 2002 02:00 AM
Thanks for the link Donald. I love Carol Taylor! I first met her at Hunter College after a Black Solidarity Day program headed by Rev. Al. She had a large crowd around her and I left with two copies of the LBB. I recently discovered one copy in my boxes during my recent move. Brought back pleasant memories of listening to Sister Carol's lectures during our shared dollar cab rides down Remsen. I think someone should get her to get the book out there to a wider audience. It's needed now more then ever. Posted by: ronn on November 18, 2002 01:06 PM