October 21, 2002

Writer, Schmiter

[ A new blogger via Jason ] :

from Androgynous Mind :: Thinking Inbetween —

I basically started this site to connect with people. I'm a lot of things, but a writer isn't one of them, so writing doesn't come that easy for me. I mean, I know words and I'm an excellent speller, but using words in a readable way - not putting anyone to sleep - is a real task to me.

Although I describe myself as a writer above, I'm really more of an editor — don't let the occasional sloppiness of this blog fool ya! Writing has never been my forte. At least not enjoyable, tight, amusing writing. I'm more of an academic or strict 5 Q writer than a novelist or short story writer.

I hope to change that within the next couple of months. My interests are diverse and I want to display some interesting, readable writing. Writing that'll inspire and will lead readers to explore new sites, literature and ideas.

Posted by ronn at October 21, 2002 10:39 AM

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