October 21, 2002

Justice Delayed

UPDATE: The Central Park 5 case

Several news organizations report that Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau will ask for another 30 days to review "additional forensic evidence and to interview witnesses overlooked during the original investigation" and prosecutions.

Why he needs another 30 days after having devouted so many resources to disclaim Reyes' confession and the DNA evidence that backs him up is beyond me.

There are also reports that former ADA (and current crime novelist) Linda Fairstein is pushing for Morgenthau to fight to uphold the convictions. She is supported by many ADAs that played a part in the convictions of the five teens. That is to be expected. Another faction within the DA's office — again, from numerous news reports — believes Reyes to be the lone rapist and that all rape and assault charges related to the jogger should be expunged.

I'd be surprised if Morgenthau were not to receive another delay. It would be even more shocking if the convictions were not eventually tossed. If the DA had any evidence linking the CP5 to Reyes and the rape, he would have presented it by now. He's just wasting time and delaying justice.

Posted by ronn at October 21, 2002 09:42 AM

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