October 18, 2002

On Life: Laziness, Car Accidents and Updates Up the Wazoo

I wanted to have a big update on the Central Park 5 case, but I'm tired, have tons of articles, books and sites to read, and to make matters worse, I was in a minor car accident tonight.

I'm just thankful that Dad and cousin L. are alright and my only complaint is a bit of soreness *fingers crossed* thus far.

I probably won't update or even pay much attention to the case till early next week when we will all read the results of Monday's (October 21st) hearing.

PS-Go tell your family, SO, friends and other loved ones that they are loved by you. And send Cecily off proper like. Hate to see you go Sis, but I, of course, understand.

UPDATE: Fixed the link to the main page for the Central Park 5 -- Okay, the only page for the Central Park 5. With a little help from friends, this site will begin utilizing Movable Type early next month. *fingers crossed*

I've enjoyed using Blogger but there are advantages to using MT and much more stability (I hope).

Don't hold me to promises, though.

UPDATE #2: Had to use IE as Blogger hides the "Post & Publish" button whenever I edit posts with more than one additional line. Even if I have to migrate to Movable Type myself, this is the last ten days, or so, for Blogger.

Posted by ronn at October 18, 2002 02:33 AM