October 17, 2002

Joyce Purnick = Paid Idiot!

A Confession That Clarifies Nothing By Joyce Purnick

The emergence of an imprisoned murderer and serial rapist who says he beat and raped the Central Park jogger seems to bring clarity to a heinous crime.

But the confession of the man, Matias Reyes, backed up by forensic evidence, in fact makes what happened that April night in 1989 murkier than ever, and there is a good chance it will stay that way...

She gets so much wrong: Wise claimed a detective physically assaulted him in his second videotaped "confession," not just during his trial and in subsequent years; there is absolutely no evidence to support police theories that the jogger was raped by the Central Park 5 before, after or with Reyes; and most importantly, all of the statements diverged on key facts and could hardly be considered "similar" in details.

A paid journalist should think before writing.

Posted by ronn at October 17, 2002 05:28 PM

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