October 16, 2002

A Hard Head, Makes a Soft Behind

Youths' Denials in '89 Rape Case Cost Them Parole Chances

While they were in state prison, three of the five Harlem teenagers convicted in the 1989 rape of a jogger in Central Park insisted that jury verdicts, history books and their own videotaped statements had it entirely wrong: they actually had nothing to do with the attack.

Their persistence in claiming innocence, instead of conveying remorse for the assault, cost them their best chance to reduce their prison terms, according to parole records made public yesterday.

Each of the three maintained his innocence at separate parole hearings in the 1990's, long before a murderer and serial rapist stepped forward in January to say that he alone was responsible for the attack. That assertion is under investigation by the Manhattan district attorney's office.

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