October 16, 2002

He Wasn't Afraid to Be Right

He Wasn't Afraid to Be Right

"Give me his phone number," Gigante said. "I want to talk about Richardson. I want to bail him out. How bad will it look?" he asked.

"They'll make you look like the most evil man in the city."

"Then I'll go get him out early. The boy doesn't belong in jail. He belongs home with his family."

"What kind of a case do they have on him?" I asked.

"A -- case," Gigante said.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because it's too pat. Nothing is this neat in life. Five boys this young raping one girl? "That never happened."

"They got a confession."

At this his voice rose. "They got what? They got nothing. They put words in the kid's mouth. They're liars."

He hung up.

At the moment, he was probably the only person in New York I knew who didn't squall with the wrath of hell that the five boys arrested should be put in the death chamber.

A few minutes later that night, I got a call from Diller.

"Did you know that Gigante is going to put up bail for Richardson?"

"He just told me. Why is he doing it for Richardson?"

"He doesn't know him. He doesn't know any of the five of them. He thinks it is a bad case. He thinks he has a duty to do something."

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