September 26, 2002

Stallin' Ain't Denyin'

''They feel that by stalling the case it will lose its impact and go away,'' said attorney Roger Wareham, who, along with attorney Michael Warren, is representing three of the convicted youths in the case ? Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray and Raymond Santana. All but Santana have been released after serving 5- to 15-year terms. Santana remains behind bars on a separate charge.

The DA's office, which has been aware of Matias Reyes' confession since January that he raped the jogger back in 1989, was given a court date of Oct. 21 to determine what it would do in light of the lawyers? motion that all the verdicts be set aside against the five youths.

Posted by ronn at September 26, 2002 09:57 AM