September 26, 2002

'Lead Detective' My Ass! More Like Misleading...

A detective who investigated the rape and near-fatal beating of a female jogger in Central Park 13 years ago says he doubts that an imprisoned rapist-murderer who has confessed to the attack did it alone.

Detective Burt Arroyo told ABC News' ``Primetime Thursday'' that while DNA tests show that the convict, Matias Reyes, left semen at the scene, no witnesses or informants mentioned him among 30-odd names they gave to police.
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Arroyo said he does not believe Reyes. He said he thinks Reyes stumbled upon the woman and raped her again after she had already been raped, bludgeoned and left for dead by the group.

``He wasn't described by anyone in the group and he doesn't know anyone in the group,'' the detective said. ``I do believe he was at the scene. He admits to it. There's DNA that links him to it. But he wasn't with them at the time, when they were all there.''

While I'm sure Arroyo's subsequent conviction (for misappropriating cocaine from a dead suspect) will be mentioned, I'm curious as to how quick it'll be mentioned and then forgotten.

Posted by ronn at September 26, 2002 09:39 AM