September 26, 2002

Tuning In to the Truth

Last Post Till October (?)

A reminder from TalkLeft:

The infamous Central Park Jogger case, thought long solved, will go to court again in October even though five teens who confessed already served their sentences. Now, a convicted rapist-murderer says he committed the brutal 1989 rape and beating of a New York City woman. In an interview to air on ABCNEWS' Primetime on Thursday, [ as part of its coverage of Confused Confessions ] the man, Matias Reyes, says no one else was involved: "I was alone that night.

I'll be tuning in on Thursday night and can't wait to see what conservabloggers will come up with next.

And it appears that that big Central Park Jogger update I promised earlier this month will happen some time early next month. In the process of a temporary apartment move, getting busy with a business idea and attempting to find some decent time off (although that'll probably mean a long weekend of researching and writing for familial projects).

Posted by ronn at September 26, 2002 01:28 AM