September 23, 2002

Reading Is Fundamental: Central Park 5 Edition

Central Park Jogger case book list:

Two important books to pick up and read Re: Central Park 5 -- reading them will give some insight in the case and illustrate how the frameup came about.

And the Blood Cried Out by former Manhattan Assistant DA Harlan Levy. A few years ago he stated "We lied," about evidence used to convict the boys.

Unequal Verdicts: The Central Park Jogger Trials by Timothy Sullivan, current VP for Court-TV daytime.

Currently trying to obtain both to post on the subsite later this week (hopefully,) and early next month.

Current read: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead and Other Stories by Randall Kenan. So far, a great read. From the bodacious opening story, to the quite enjoyable middle portion, Tim Creek (Kenan's fictional burg reminiscent of Faulkner's work) will fascinate and intrigue. Folk on the subway must think I'm a madman because I've laughed out loud often while reading this book.

Posted by ronn at September 23, 2002 01:51 AM