September 20, 2002

Time Up Motherflower!

[ From the Amsterdam News Online | Time's Up For the DA ] :

The DA's office, which has been aware of Matias Reyes' confession since January that he raped the jogger back in 1989, was given a court date of Oct. 21 to determine what it would do in light of the lawyers’ motion that all the verdicts be set aside against the five youths.

''Even at that date in October, they could ask for more time,'' Warren said. ''They are scrambling – trying to cover their behinds.''

Reyes' confession is the source of the DA's consternation. It is a confession bolstered by DNA evidence at the crime scene that matches Reyes' DNA. A portion of Reyes's confession follows:

''I was drawn by her appearance and I just had to have her. As she proceeded to jog, not knowing that I was behind her [she had on earphones] ... I keep zig-zagging. At one point, I picked up a tree branch with both hands. As she made a slight left turn, I continued to follow her. A short distance later, I hit her over the head with the tree branch. She fell down, and I dragged her into the bushy area. She was talking to me and holding her head. I took off her clothing [and raped her]. ... At one point she got loose and ran a short distance, more into the area. I grabbed her again and brought her down, covered her face and continued to beat her with a rock.''

This confession was obtained by an investigator on the case and was notarized in August. The victim was beaten so severely that she remained in a coma for 12 days, after losing three-quarters of her blood. She had no memory of the event during the trial.

OK, I lied. I probably won't get around to a big, I mean BIG update on the Central Park 5 till mid-week next week at the earliest. I'm sure you five regular visitors have already read updated posts/stories online.

Still hoping to track down copies of the City Sun from that time because its coverage was by far the best at highlighting the irregularities and racism surrounding the case. That this is a frameup is obvious. We'll see if the guys will have their names cleared sometime next month.

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