September 19, 2002

Who's in Charge Here?!

Get on the streets and watch them. Up, down, pick up after dog, walk to the trash can, everywhere you look, up, down, up, down, walk four yards, stop, walk, stop, people reduced to the level of swine doing whatever this grubby meaningless germ-laden dog wants.

There is a blind arrogance to somebody walking a dog until the dog has a spot right in front of you to urinate or otherwise. Then the arrogance suddenly becomes outright groveling: the stooping to clean up after an animal.

These people feel that their dogs have the same right to the sidewalks of the city that a human being does.

Hardly. The dogs have no rights and no souls. They interfere with the rights of others.

I feel sorry for most dogs, having to be closed up in an apartment all day. That is the measure of class of the owner. They have the dog in jail all day.

At the same time, I despise having the dog on the same sidewalk with me.

I should read Jimmy Breslin on a regular basis. So should you.

Posted by ronn at September 19, 2002 03:06 AM

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