September 13, 2002

My Broken Lands; or, (Five Reasons) Why I Love Planet Brooklyn...

[ From Brooklyn Online, A Short History of Brooklyn ] :

In 1646, the Village of Breuckelen was authorized by the Dutch West India Company and became the first municipality in what is now New York State (the predecessors of the Cities of Albany and New York were numbers two and three, respectively).

Five Random Brooklyn Links:

1. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden - I love this spot! Last year me and W-C would spend a couple hours there to get away from the rest of the world. Just sitting on the Cherry Esplanade and listening to music was a tremendous release from the pressures of the world.

2. The Brooklyn Public Library - can't compete with the New York Public Library in terms of collections (in terms of size and breadth), but it's a great get away and an essential resource if you're poor like me.

3. Fort Greene Park - often stopped there with the kiddies when I worked at the nearby Fort Greene Youth Patrol the summer preceding my senior year of high school.

4. Brooklyn Cyclones - Haven't watched a single game, but I did pass by the stadium when I visited Coney Island with Owen not too ago.

5. Prospect Park - A great place to do just about anything -- boating, the zoo, nature walks, etc. Including cruising (if that's your thang! ;-) *ahem* not like I ever did that!

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