September 11, 2002

Happy Anniversary, Kinda

snippets from a conversation: 09.10.2001

Owen: so where is CT's office?
ronn: @** st, betw ave's # & #
Owen: that's right. you told me.
Owen: that's near J.'s shop
Owen: say hi, if you go near there
ronn: prob not
ronn: :-)
Owen: why not?
ronn: he's prob still waiting for US to return
Owen: i'm not following you
ronn: LOL
ronn: you said we would stop back at the shop
ronn: did you forget?
Owen: very cute
Owen: no
ronn: ;-)
Owen: i'm gonna kick your ASSSS BIG ASSS

[ ... ]

ronn: put your pic on your profile
ronn: you're soooo cute
Owen: why
Owen: who asked you to put my pic up?
ronn: you and what army?
ronn: baby, if i gave you instructions
ronn: you still couldn't kick my ass
ronn: where?
ronn: oh, no one did!

[ ... ]

Owen: who were u chatting with?
ronn: it's just that you're so cute and i like the pic W took
ronn: i was talking to pt, then R
ronn: but stopped a couple minutes before you came online
Owen: oh, pt with the ASSS!
Owen: how is he?

[ ... ]

I never imagined hours later that our world's would be turned (slightly) upside down. The big freelance job I was suppose to begin that Tuesday -- I hate, hate, hate working on Mondays -- would be postponed and really destroyed. My confidence still hasn't recovered and I am only now beginning to feel confident and capable of constructive work.

I had so much that I wanted to write about regarding 9/11, but feel that it's best if I not continue. We're all going to be inudated with the images and horror stories and of course, the jingoism as Dubya et al push for an invasion of Iraq.

Wish I would have taken photos of the Peace Rally in Washington Square Park earlier today. While I wasn't too impressed with the tired speeches and the numerous handouts from communists, anarchists and peaceniks, the atmosphere was filled generous sharing and positive energy.

Let's hope it continues.

And since it's now Sept. 11th: Happy 2nd Anniversary, Baby!

Posted by ronn at September 11, 2002 12:04 AM

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