September 04, 2002

On Sacred Ground

Updated the African Burial Grounds post.

The Contact info for the African Burial Ground in New York City:

Dr. Sherrill D. Wilson, Director
The office of Public Education and Interpretation of the African Burial Ground Project.
Telephone: 212-337-2001 -OR- Fax: 212-337-1447 fax

I'm not sure if this is the correct address (it was formerly 6 World Trade Center):

African Burial Ground Site
201 Varick Street, Room 1021
New York, NY 10014

Posted by ronn at September 4, 2002 01:46 PM

Thank you Thank you Thank you. AllahuAkbar! Hallaleuya! Thank you for continuing this project and I have participated in local projects that is in line with our ancestors. I can be because of our ancestors whom I will respect and teach others to respect the same regardless of race or religion. Spirituality, love and life is the key to remembering those who have paved the course for the African Race and for mankind in general. The burial ground is sacred ground and a reminder for life, death, honor, intergrity and belonging. I always longed to be. I have recently witness and walked in the procession for the 4 ancestoral bones journey to rest rightfully and I can walk taller and belong to them. Those bones belongs to the souls in which had carried the same. Those bones belonged to my family, Uncle, Aunt, girl cousin & boy cousin. I am angry, sad, happy and honored to be in the company of my ancestors. Thank you so much for educating me and others and making a concrete connection for people like me to their people. I BE AFRICAN, I AM AFRICAN, I am AFRICA!--jan l. cheema, NJ-USA Experience, longing for belonging. I know who I am and who my people are and our legacy of the same. I will continue to learn, be an example and teach the youth. Ache. Posted by: Jan L. Cheema on October 3, 2003 04:09 PM