August 31, 2002

Dancin' His Ass Off

[ from George, yet another discussion about the infamous Joe Boxer commercial ] :

T&A commercials are stupid. Yes, they work. But still. I don't know if the ad agency that thought up this idea was thinking about race-specific caricatures. (Uh, to my ad-agency peoples who read this site? How often do you think about race-based caricatures?) You know what I loved? I lovedlovedloved that black guy walking past the window and making faces at the new iMac in the store window. I am seeing a smiling and dancing black man in his boxers, and I am feeling ... shame. More on this later.

It has generated a generous debate with most posters dissin' the spot. My initial reaction was one of "huh?" Never did racism, coonin', buck-dancing or stupidity enter in my thoughts. I still say sometimes a commercial is just a commercial. Even Oliver agrees with me. Maybe I'll have more on this.

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* the following stolen from inspired by George's above post

ronn: Baby, even George doesn't like the commercial.
Owen: Who?
ronn: George.
Owen: ...
ronn: George! The copyeditor in Cali?!
Owen: OK. Do you have the link for the commercial?
ronn: Ummm...
Owen: You showed it to me before, remember?
ronn: *in a low voice* Try George's site.
Owen: *quickly types Youpi Key macro for George*
ronn: ...
Owen: *clicks on link; plays video*
ronn: ...
Owen: *plays video again, smiles*
ronn: ...
Owen: *plays video a third time, smile widens*
ronn: I change my mind, it's a goofy commercial!
Owen: Huh? *plays video a fourth time*
Owen: *drool forms at the corners of his mouth*
ronn: Ahem!
Owen: What's his website again?
ronn: *lying* I don?t remember!
Owen:, right?
ronn: ...

Posted by ronn at August 31, 2002 11:35 PM

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