August 22, 2002

Pray For His Children

[ Anil Dash offers some hilarious insights on Michael Jackson's third child/children ] :

The kids have grown up under their father's watchful eye. Michael continues to be completely fucking insane ill flipped crazy out of his gourd lost his shit incomprehensible what the fuck got in that boy do you even remember back when he used to be cute and talented and oh my god. Prince appears in a short, insufferable segue on an execrable song on the almost entirely worthless most recent Michael Jackson release, the so-inaccurately-titled-it's-not-even-ironic Invincible. Michael fails to see the parallels between his enlisting of his 5-year-old son for vocal duties on his album and his own forced fronting of the Jackson 5 beginning at, yes, five years old.

Not even funny at this point. *sigh*

Posted by ronn at August 22, 2002 09:41 AM

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