August 18, 2002

As if the British Ain't Partially Responsible

Yes, Mugabe is a racist homophobe! And?

[ Random Thoughts From la malinchista ] :

"There is no doubt that Mugabe is a ruthless man, or that his policies are contributing to the further impoverishment of the Zimbabweans. But to suggest that his land seizures are largely responsible for the nation's hunger is fanciful.

Though the 4,500 white farmers there own two-thirds of the best land, many of them grow not food but tobacco. Seventy per cent of the nation's maize - its primary staple crop - is grown by Black peasant farmers hacking a living from the marginal lands they were left by the whites."

-- George Monbiot in the UK Guardian...

Like, context... and shit.

Posted by ronn at August 18, 2002 01:33 AM