August 14, 2002

(Re-)Finding Frida

My memory is fading. I mentioned something or other about Frida Kahlo a while ago. So I should have rememberd to mention El Museo Del Barrio's soon to close exhibition when I passed by while visiting the Conservatory Garden across the street--

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Twentieth-Century Mexican Art: The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection

April 28th - September 8, 2002
The Gelman Collection, widely regarded as the most significant private holding of twentieth-century Mexican art, was assembled by the late cinematic mogul Jacques Gelman and his wife Natasha. The superb collection features works by Kahlo, Rivera, and other masters of modern Mexican art, including Gunther Gerzso, Maria Izquierdo, Carlos Mérida, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siquieros, and Rufino Tamayo.

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