July 15, 2002

Once You Go Black...

From KeithBoykin.com:

BLACK MALE PROSTITUTES IN DEMAND -- Black male prostitutes are in high demand in Bangkok, Thailand, where they have become the favorites of "high-society women," according to South Africa's News24. The "female elite" are said to prefer the men because they are "fiercer," more "thrilling" in bed and "well built," according to the report.
I read a similar report on Yahoo's message boards and clubs last year. It generated a heated debate (thanks for ruining clubs Yahoo! Now I can't post some of the hilarious and often ig'nant stuff) between mostly Black and Asian men -- some AfAms openly enjoyed the status supposedly given them by "female elites." Others lashed out at Asian men, often without provocation or an iota of logic, intelligence and forethought.

After more than five years online, I choose my battles and often leave without saying what's on my mind. I'm doing the same now. (I know, I'm such a coward.)

Posted by ronn at July 15, 2002 06:35 PM