July 11, 2002

It's An Ignorant Thang, I Don't Want to Understand

[ From Out Sports ] :

It's Not A Gay Thing, It's A Guy Thing

Why do you think cheerleaders were invented? Why do you think the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were every boy's wet dreams for years? (Well, not every boy, but you get the picture.) Since an average play in the NFL might take five seconds, the League needs something to keep their fans interested during downtime. After all, the average man, straight or gay, thinks about sex every six seconds. Yes, the average gay man gets it every six days, and the average straight man gets it every six weeks, but it makes us no more sex-crazed -- just luckier.

I would love to read a lesbian/bisexual perspective on this subject. It's the twenty-first century. You'd think society would be beyond the stereotypes, generalizations and plain ol' ignorance. Sadly, we still have a long, long way to go to recognize diverse, divergent and realistic viewpoints and voices.

Posted by ronn at July 11, 2002 12:27 AM

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