July 09, 2002

About Damn Time!

From PW's Daily Email:

Hue-Man Resurrection: New Harlem Store to Open at End of July

Be patient, it's coming...

Clara Villarosa, former owner of the Hue-Man Experience Bookstore in Denver, Colo., will finally open her long-awaited Harlem bookstore, Hue-Man Bookstore, at the end of this month in the Harlem USA mall at 2319 Frederick Douglass Boulevard in New York City.

Villarosa told PW Daily that she expects the 4,000-sq.-ft. store, on which she holds a 10-year lease, to open on July 29. "I'm creating my dream store," she said. It will be Afrocentric and have "open retail space, product depth, customer service, elegant ambience, easy flow, pretty colors. And it will be in a population that has a literary history. Denver was hard--there weren't that many black people in Denver."

At the beginning, the store's inventory will approach 7,000 titles, which she hopes to stock through Ingram.

Hue-Man Bookstore, which has been three years in the making, is a partnership between Villarosa and two women who "always wanted to open a bookstore but needed someone with expertise." Her partners are Rita Ewing, attorney and ex-wife of New York Knick Patrick Ewing; and Celeste Johnson, wife of New York Knick Larry Johnson.

The trio funded the $1 million venture with private funding plus $475,000 in financing from the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone.--Diane Patrick

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