July 09, 2002

Smoking For Trouble

While Michael Moore asks, "What If...," I already had this thought. I travelled with a friend to the airport and noticed that matches and lighters were being allowed on flights. It wasn't until later, on the bus back home, that I questioned why airport security would allow a certified weapon (Hello! Richard Reid?!) to be blatantly taken on planes.

What if there is no "terrorist threat?" What if Bush and Co. need, desperately need, that "terrorist threat" more than anything in order to conduct the systematic destruction they have launched against the U.S. constitution and the good people of this country who believe in the freedoms and liberties it guarantees?
Read the entire "bonus chapter" from Stupid White Men. I can't wait to see his reports on his FOI request from the FAA.

Posted by ronn at July 9, 2002 07:04 PM

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