July 01, 2002

Working My Last Nerve

[ From Mediaweek ] :

When Tom Joyner Speaks, People Listen

The syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, with its all-black morning crew, blends serious discussions of major social and political issues affecting the black community with humor, celebrity interviews and a sprinkling of music, from "Old School" R&B (think Marvin Gaye more than R. Kelly) through Motown to some Adult Urban Contemporary fare. It's his ability to incite his listeners to action that's unmatched by anyone in radio, black or of any color.

When Tom Joyner took all the DJ duties at KISS-FM here in New York City, I was not thrilled. First, he was replacing Isaac Hayes and long-time Newsman Bob Slade (yes, Slade is still the newsman, but his duties have been lessened and his rapport with Black Moses and the crew was hilarious and informative and kept my rapt attention). Secondly, I wasn't too happy with much of the "humor" on the show. It was (still is, often) crass, to say the least.

Yes, they've grown on me, but I just wish there was more time spent on relevant issues and playing some good damn music. And fergawdz sake, stop the homophobic banter from Melvin or whoever-the-hell that is! Ish ain't funny.

Posted by ronn at July 1, 2002 11:39 PM